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Introduction to Electronics and Communications Engineering

Electronics and Communication engineering is a collective engineering subject with a combination of knowledge from Electrical engineering, Computer sciences, and Telecommunications. Our Colleges usually include fundamentals of subjects like Network Theory, Engineering Mathematics, Signal Systems, Control Systems, Analog & Digital Communications, Electromagnetic Field theory and Analog & Digital circuits. One other Subject responsible to study all these above subjects is Electronic Devices and Circuits. Do you all remember the science we study in our schools that has three sub branches let us say. Those are Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Natural Sciences (Biology and Zoology) etc. The branch Physical Sciences include Modern Electronics that is nothing but the origin of Electronic devices.

So let us consider the Modern electronics which is nothing but Electronic Devices. These Electronic Devices include basic elements like diode, transistor, resistors, capacitors, and inductors. There are many but remember these commonly used devices. Of course each device in electronics is made up of atoms and ions with some elements from periodic table. Thus the study of Electronics and Communications Engineering is originated from Physical and Chemical sciences. Hahaha Hence proved.


Let us dive deep into what these subjects in our engineering academics teach us.


Let us check the subject of Signals and Systems.

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